Year 6 children visit Space Centre

Mr Robson and Owls class visited the National Space Centre in Leicestershire on Thursday.  Pupils walked through a gallery exploring planets in the Solar System and attempted to control a Martian rover on Mars.

They took the lift in the 42m high rocket tower to view the iconic Blue Streak and Thor Able rockets, learning more about astronauts. They were immersed in a full 360 degree full dome 4D cinema experience in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.

Next, they viewed exhibits and interactive displays about unusual objects in space then explored and discovered satellites in Space which make a difference to our everyday lives. In this zone, pupils learned about satellite navigation, weather forecasting and emergency disaster warnings.

Annual reminder about Social Media

Facebook and other networking sites are a main stay of modern culture. However, can I remind all parents that this form of communication is in the public domain and any comments about the school or staff will be investigated.  We have a simple policy to this; we will ask you politely to remove and /or we will refer it to the Lincolnshire County Council Legal Services and/or the police.
As a school, we would never post personal comments about your children as this would cause great offence and therefore we would like the same courtesy for the school and its staff.

Photographs/ Videos
If you have any photographs/videos that you have taken at school events please do not put them on social media if they include other children or staff.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either the class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team sooner rather than later so we can work together to resolve it. You can speak to member of staff, call the office or email the school with your concern:
At times you may not agree with the school’s course of action, but please be assured that we always try to listen, take on board everyone’s point of view and if required seek further advice. Decisions are always based on what is in the best interests of the children and the school.  If you require any further information, please refer to the school’s complaints policy which is on our school website.

Out of school Achievement

Ewan shared the medal he earned for taking part in the library reading competition to borrow, read and return 3 books.

Mila also earned a medal from the library, but also earned a certificate from Youth Summer Camp and a Dance certificate from 1st Steps in Dance. Annabel has earned a silver certificate from the Children’s University for completing 65 hours out of school learning and Freya B was awarded a merit after her ballet dancing exam.

Lukus T earned his 5m swimming badge and Baylee Mae earned a 5th place rosette after competing in a horse racing and jumping competition.

Finally, Faye earned her camping out badge from cubs after spending two nights in tents.

Early Help

Early Help is a way of thinking and working together between services with families that have additional or more complex needs.

Early help is preventative, by providing support to families when a need is identified or as soon as a problem emerges at any point in a child’s life, from conception, through childhood and into adolescence. It can also prevent further problems arising by building resilience with families to find their own solutions in the future.

It should not be seen as a specific service, but any service, and crucially how services work collectively through tailored support packages for specific needs in individual families.

If you need information or advice about a child or young person call Early Help from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, on 01302 734110. Doncaster’s Families Information Service provides access to a range of services for universal or more complex needs.  Watch the video below, download the flyer or visit this website for more information:

Promoting good attendance

We have always prided ourselves on our attendance figures and have always set very high targets for whole school attendence (97%+). However, for a number of reasons both our overall absence and persistent absence figure are beginning to creep up and we would like to work with parents to reduce these.

Below I have uploaded the Doncaster parent/carer guide to promoting good attendance:

What are my responsibilities regarding my child’s school attendance? School Attendance Matters booklet

As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to ensure that a child of compulsory school age attends school both regularly and punctually. The local authority has a duty to ensure that all parents/carers fulfil this responsibility. Doncaster Council deems satisfactory attendance as 96% or above. Wadworth were slightly below this with 95.6%. Continue reading “Promoting good attendance”

Extra-curricular clubs

Extra-curricular clubs begin last week. Below is a timetable of what is on and when. All clubs cost £3.50. Many are run by outside providers, such as a football coach, a dance coach and a ukulele teacher and the remaining clubs are run by teaching staff.

Day Clubs Venue
Monday Ukulele

Y 4/5 Maths


Old Year 3 class

Tuesday KS2 Football Hall
Wednesday Fitness Fun Y1-6

Craft Club

Y6 Maths Club


KS1 class

Y6 class

Thursday Street Dance Y1-6

Y3 Forest School


Meet in Year 2

It has been brought to our attention that we have some children in school who wish to take part in the after school clubs but parents are unable to make to full payment in one go. We have therefore decided that as long as the child commits to attending the club for the term, parents will be able to pay the fee in 2 payments. If your child would like to take part please let the office know.  The deadline has been extended so you are still able to sign your child on. It will now be £21.00 for each half term.

Template for Christmas Card designs

Monday, 24th September – Christmas Card templates in.

Your child will be bringing home some paper today which is for them to design a picture which will be made into a Christmas card. Please do not use glitter, metallic paper or 3D objects on the drawing as it could affect the quality of the final card.

A sample of the card will be made up and you will have the option to buy a pack of 12 cards with your child’s design on. You can also order gift tags or even a mug. All money raised will go into the PTA funds.

Below is a link to the template if children need additional copies

Brainy Badgers visit Forest School

Mrs Land has been teaching the children in her class the rules of Forest school this week as they explored the wildlife area. While rummaging through the undergrowth, the children were introduced to Sneezy, the Dragon, who lives in Forest School. Next week they will discover that Sneezy (the dragon) had has a bit of a cold, which will help them with their developing friendships work which they have begun in the classroom already.