Final Forest School for Badgers

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Brainy Badgers had a fantastic final session in Forest School today. It got off to a very OOOH-AAARGH-anised start with the children working together to gather resources to build a pirate ship big enough for the whole crew. When the team building was ready they lowered the pirate flag.

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Next the crew made Forest School medals with a pirate theme on the reverse; the children designed their own pirate sign to prove they were real pirates.

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Badgers-to-be enjoy transition

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During transition last week, next year’s Badger class ended Friday with a problem solving activity: to make a 3D model with 2D hoops big enough to enable everyone in the Brainy Badgers to squeeze inside.

It wasn’t easy and required plenty of team work-however, with a few ties, the children managed a great model and, as you can see, they all fitted inside.

A wet and wild afternoon with Frogs and Badgers

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A fantastic Wet and Wild afternoon with Badgers and Frogs who got together in their swim wear and had a fun afternoon in the sun with paddling pools ending in a massive water fight.

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Once everyone had used all of their energy up, the children wrapped in their towels and were treated to a cooling ice pop. The photos show the great fun everyone had!

Out of School Achievement Friday 12th July

On the stage, Amelia achieved an honours grade in her Primary Ballet Exam and a highly commended grade in her Modern Dance Exam and Nyler was awarded 2 certificates and a medal for completing another successful term of drama. The advert for the featuring Nyler can be viewed below:

Abigail C came in 3rd place on the floor during a gymnastics competition and Bradley B was awarded the boxer of the week trophy.

Corey captained his football team to the final of a football tournament and proudly displayed his runners up medal and Luke G won a medal for completing the Doncaster Town Centre Fun Run-a distance of 1.1 miles in a time of 7.5 minutes-finishing a very impressive 19th.

Attendance for 2018/19

As a school we work hard to ensure that our pupils attend school regularly in order to gain the best education that we can offer.  Nationally, we have to work to figures set by the Government as to what they think are acceptable levels of attendance. Failure to meet these figures can mean that the school is put in the category of Requires Improvement by Ofsted, even if everything else they see is of the high standard that we know our school strives to achieve.  

100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 75%
No days lost 10 days
19 days
29 days
38 days
47 days
190 school days each year 180 days at school 171 days at school 161 days at school 152 days at school 143 days at school

Our attendance data trend over the last few years is becoming a cause for concern: we have missed our target of 97%, achieving 96.3%. This again is mainly due to school holidays in term time, however we have a growing number of children falling into the category of ‘Persistent Absentees.’  A persistent absentee is a pupil that has attendance below 90%. 

Year RYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
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Reports went out on Friday 12th July. If you would like to discuss the report with your child’s teacher please contact the office to make an appointment for Tuesday 16th or Wednesday 17th July.

Thank you to all the parents who have already provided feedback to the class teacher. Please fill in the reply slips included in the envelope and send into school. Finally, the government produced a booklet for parents last explaining the SATs result and numbers, which I have linked to here:

This booklet is now slightly out of date as it talks about teacher assessment in maths and reading at KS2. This year the government aren’t collecting information about teacher assessment and have chosen only to focus on test outcomes.

Pupil Outcomes

The Year 6 SATs results came into school on Tuesday. Children will find out their individual scores and achievements in their reports; but we are pleased with most of the test results-not only in Year 6, but all across the school: the EYFS, phonics and KS1 and KS2 results.

Y6 SATs outcomes   Achieved
% of pupils achieving ARE in reading 70% (7%) 73% (28%)
% of pupils achieving ARE in writing 77% (20%) 78% (17%)
% of pupils achieving ARE in SPaG 83% (60%) 78% (34%)
% of pupils achieving ARE in maths 83% (7%) 76% (24%)
% of pupils achieving ARE in RWM 63% (3%) 65%

The Year 6 results are above. You will see that in SPaG and maths we exceeded national outcomes, writing was in line with national expectations and reading was a little lower. The significant improvements in SPaG that began last year have continued, with 83% of the children achieving the expected standard and a massive 60% achieving greater depth. Well done to all the children, to Mr. Robson, Mrs. Vaughan and all the staff and parents involved in achieving these results.

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Badger’s Home Learning Projects

Children in Badger class have been learning about Grace Darling and the rescue of 9 lives.

The children have been learning about lighthouses and made one in class. However, for some children this wasn’t enough and they wanted to take their learning further and made bigger and better lighthouses at home.

You can see from the photograph the fantastic models that have been made and brought into school. If you don’t know the story of Grace Darling, watch the very interesting video above.


Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA AGM last week. There have been a number of changes to the committee: Mrs. Sarah Robinson was elected as the new Chair, Mrs. Catherine Walton re-elected as the treasurer and Mrs. Laura Ross re-elected as the secretary.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Zoie Cumming, Toni Dickinson, Joanne Clayphon, Vanessa Wilson and Emily Slack who have been dedicated members of the PTA during my time at Wadworth. Their hard work, effort and willingness to give up their time to support the children of Wadworth Primary has raised an enormous amount of money, given the children plenty of unforgettable experiences and contributed positively to all members of the school community.

Out of School Achievement Friday 5th July

Enormous success at the annual Braithwell Wheelbarrow , with 6 medal winners in total, including two race winners; well done to Harry W and Matthew P, who were sharing the winner’s cup and to Elsie, Delaina, Hartlyn and Poppy. Aiden won a huge 2nd place rosette at a horse riding competition after showing of his improving jockey skills.