Doncaster Sumdog Maths Contest

Sumdog’s Doncaster Maths Contest is here! It started at 8am on Friday 9th October, and finishes at 8pm on October 15th.
• Here are some things to keep in mind during the contest:
• Students can play at any time.
• For the score to count, the Doncaster Maths Contest activity must be showing in the green panel on the left of the student’s screen when they click to start each game.
• Their scores are based on correct answers.
• A class’s score is the average of the scores from all students from that class who take part.
• To appear on the leaderboard, at least 10 students from a class need to play.
• As some students have limited computer access, every student is limited to 1000 contest questions. However, their free logins let them keep playing other activities afterwards.

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