What is Me, You and Baby Too?

Me, You and Baby Too helps first-time parents prepare for changes in their own relationship, giving them the skills to communicate better and support each other at this important time in their lives.

It is aimed at parents who are still in a relationship with each other, during pregnancy or in the first 12 months of their child’s life. It may also be beneficial to those who have significant risk indicators:

Parental conflict that is frequent, hostile and unresolved.
Separation in family of origin.
Social disadvantage.
Unplanned pregnancy.
Lack of relational skills.

Me, You and Baby Too works best when both parents do it together. The resource is divided into three sessions:

1. Changes for me and us

Having a baby is an exciting time but it can also be very challenging. This session helps parents understand how their relationship with each other will change, and why it matters to their baby.

2. Coping with stress

Having a baby can be stressful and overwhelming. This session helps parents to identify sources of stress and learn ways of coping together and supporting each other.

3. Conflict and communication

Arguments can be constructive or destructive. This session helps parents think about how their arguments start, and how they get out of hand. Most importantly, it will give them the skills to resolve arguments in more constructive ways.

‘Me, You, and Baby Too’ can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Parents will need a good internet connection and a device on which they can play video and hear sound.

You can register here, and access the course https://click.clickrelationships.org/content/parenting-together/me-you-and-baby-too/here.

For help with this, download the instructions here.

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