Maypole day 2021

On Thursday, staff and children got to enjoy a Maypole day like no other!

Like every year since 2014, the weather was kind to us. Year 6 children paraded onto the field and we all watched as Matthew crown Cassidy the Maypole Queen for 2021.

Then, the dancing began. Just like every other year, there was a mixture of traditional and modern songs. Frogs class got the party started:

Next were Hedgehogs, with this colourful number, complete with lace ribbons.

After that, Badger’s class took to the field for this very elaborate dance, choreographed in groups of 4 with some traditional Scottish dancing thrown in…

Squirrels shared a more modern dance, which got the whole field on their feet

As things moved towards the big finale, Bees class did a traditional ribbon dance…

…and Year 6 brought proceedings to a close with a beautiful rendition of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’

After the song, the children in Owls class went on to the dancefloor to dance and party thanks to the PTA organised Year 6 disco.

The children really enjoyed the event, performed to their usual high standards and, again like every year, all the staff worked their socks off to put the event on. Hopefully, next year we can look forward to Maypole celebrations of old, when we can all get back together and celebrate as a community.