Out of School Achievement

Sofia moved up a level in swimming and Ellis was man of the match after his football team won 10-3. Aria received a certificate for a 180o kick in taekwondo and Lilly won a puzzle competition on holiday.

Teacher Certificate winners

ClassAward Winners
FrogsBelle and the whole class
HedgehogsNoah and Elisha
BadgersAria, Eva-Mae and Mrs Taylor
SquirrelsLindon and Lilly
BeesTobias and Poppie
OwlsStaff, Children and PTA
RWIAlfie, Jenson and Franklin

Well done to all the certificate winners

Out of school achievement

Daisy earned an award for attending stage school for 5 years;

Lukus achieved a green belt at kickboxing;

Evelyn won a gold medal for zoom dancing.

Doncaster Sumdog Competition Results

Over the last week, children at Wadworth have been taking part in a Doncaster wide Sumdog competition. The aim of the competition was to try to answer 1000 questions in 7 days.

For each correct answer, the children earned 1 point. There are certificates and prizes awarded for children and classes with the highest average scores by the end of the week. Well, I am delighted to announce Badgers class won the overall competition, Owls came second and Hedgehogs came 3rd.

PositionNameClass nameScore
1stLeo MBadgers883
2ndMatilda GBadgers729
3rdWilliam SHedgehogs605
4thEmilia SSquirrels589
5thOlivia SSquirrels432
6thJayden JBadgers317
7thHarriet MBees277
8thSophie MOwls237
9thOscar LOwls220
10thRae TOwls213
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Headteacher Award

Well done to: Keanu, Charlie and Belle for the fantastic models they made at home and brought in to share. Also well done to Lukus, Daisy and Rae for their wonderful Santa Sleigh designs. Finally, Bradley earned a Headteacher award for thinking of others: he spent his pocket money buying presents to donate to the Salvation Army to give to children over Christmas as he was worried that some children would be going without.

Headteacher Award

Well done to:

ClassCertificate winners
FrogsEsmae and Ella
BadgersEvelyn and Jack
SquirrelsEuan and Freya
BeesNyler and Ayaan
OwlsFaye and Harry
RWIHarrison, Alisha, William P, Belle and Isobelle

Headteacher Awards

Esmae and Jack H both received headteacher awards for their fantastic homework projects. Both had produced models inspired by ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story.

Ruby F and Harriet P both earned awards for their fantastic attitude, overcoming difficulties through persistence, determination and hard work.

Cassidy earned a headteacher award for her investigative skills in maths, where she investigated surface area of different cuboids with the same volume by drawing 3D models, designing the nets and calculating the surface area.

Teacher and Headteacher Award

Well done to:

ClassCertificate winners
FrogsAlfie and Conner
BadgersSonny and Harrison
SquirrelsOlivia, Amelia and Lilly H
BeesAbigail and Alistair
OwlsSophie and Matthew
RWIVitu, Leo, Isaac, Ella, Belle and Alfies

For achieving a headteacher award this week, well done also to…

Olivia for her amazing Frozen palace model, William for his work on The Titanic and Bertie for his straw house model all completed at home.

Badgers class have been writing sports factfiles for famous athletes and Evelyn, Harrison, Oliver, Lauren, Erin and Aria all earned headteacher stickers for their brilliantly researched booklets.

Lucy M earned an award for being a fantastic friend and role model and setting a fantastic examples to others. Finally, Rae earned an award after completing fantastic maths work on circles and 3D shapes this week in Mr McLean’s maths group.

Out of school achievement

Well done to:

Oliver H earned his Level 12 swimming certificate and Emilia earned a swimming certificate.

Ella entered a competition over half term on the Facebook page for the local children’s centre. “Spooky Pumpkin Picture” and we found out today she has won the competition, claiming the top prize of a wonderful creative hamper, please see the photo.

Erin has recieved an out of school proficiency level 7 badge in gymnastics over the weekend, although she’s achieved this in January we have only just received the certificate and badge due to the current Covid situation.

Teacher Award winners

Fantastic FrogsReuban B and Keanu
Brainy BadgersDelaina and Matilda  
Smart SquirrelsHarvey, Mia and Lindon
Busy BeesMila and Oliver
Wise OwlsMueez and Lennon
HT wristbandsOlivia

Well done everyone