Skipping and Circus Day Reminder for Owls, bees and Squirrels

We have invited Mr Dan to teach our KS2 children some exciting new skills. On Tuesday 8th June KS2 will have the opportunity to take part in a speed rope skipping workshop followed by a Circus day on Tuesday 22nd June. We would like to ask for a contribution of £6.00. This includes both workshops and food. Payment can be made via ParentPay. Consent for your child to take part in the activities will also be required when paying. Children will need to wear their P.E kits for these days.

Celebrating reading at Wadworth

All classes took part in dressing as a book character day at Wadworth, yesterday and as usual the effort the children and their families made to celebrate the day was amazing. We had witches, wizards, superheroes, sports starts, monsters, magical nannies, carton characters, princesses, stickmen, tigers, giants, and almost everything else in between. The children had a wonderful day doing activities based around their favourite books including writing riddles to identify book characters, designing and making cakes based on scenes from favourite books, art based on stories and listening to and watching different versions of well loved tales.


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Parents’ Evening Appointments

I have uploaded the instructions to help you join your Parents’ Evening appointments.

Please make sure you can find the appointment before next Tuesday or Wednesday. On Google Chrome, visit then click the apps link (the nine dots in a square next to your profile picture on the top right hand corner of the screen) and select Calendar. Sometimes moving between apps makes the computer flip back to a different sign in account, so if your appointment isn’t there, please check the icon is what is should be (usually the first initial of your child in a coloured circle). You might need to sign in again.

Navigate to Tuesday 23rd March or Wednesday 24th March to find your appointments. You can join the meeting by clicking on these at the allocated times, then selecting ‘Join the Meeting’

Step by step instructions

Long Covid Symptoms in Children

Last week, Isabel and her family appeared in the Times newspaper and on Sky News, trying to raise awareness of the symptoms of Long Covid in children.

Sadly, since contacting Covid back in October, Isabel has had to reduce the amount of time she spends in school as exhaustion is one of the symptoms that she has to cope with.

Things are improving slowly and we are looking forward to her joining her class full time and getting back into the gymnastics, dance and martial arts that she enjoyed so much.

If you want to find out more about long covid in children, please visit:

Using Whatsapp and other online messaging apps/websites

I am writing another article this week to remind parents about the importance of monitoring their children’s internet and mobile phone use to ensure that the children are sticking to the rules to keep themselves safe and to use the platforms responsibly.

I received a few emails from parents this week who had followed the school’s advice when they noticed some inappropriate messaging during an online gaming session. We advise parents to:

  1. Firstly  screen capture any inappropriate inter actions or conversations (photograph the screen with your mobile phone if necessary)
  2. Then block and report the child sending the inappropriate messages.
  3. Finally, send a copy of the offending photographs to school
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Secondary School Virtual Open Days for Year 5 and 6 children

As you may be aware, secondary schools are currently organising virtual open evenings to give you the opportunity to see the schools in action, meet some of the staff and children and ask questions to help you decide which school best suits your child.

When it comes to submitting your preference, we encourage parents to include more than one preference on their application. Parents sometimes think that making only one preference will ensure that a place is allocated at that school but this is not the case, and children are not automatically offered a place at their catchment school. If there is no place available at the preferred school(s), a mandatory offer will be made to the nearest school with places available after all on-time preferences have been considered. Making only one preference significantly increases the likelihood of being offered a mandatory place some distance away from the home address. Last year, the majority of mandatory offers for secondary school places were made to applicants who had included only one preference on their application. In most of these cases, if the applicants had included the catchment school, it would have been allocated and no mandatory offer would have been required. To help you make this important decision, I have included the dates of the most popular secondary schools for children attending Wadworth.

Sir Thomas Wharton:  Thursday 1st October at 6pm
Rossington All Saints: Tuesday 6th October at 5:30pm
Maltby, Hallcross and XP are all planning similar events but no dates have been confirmed. Please visit the school website to find out more information.

Mila raises £100 for Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Charity

Mila has been very busy over the last few weeks after deciding to raise money for Pheonix Women’s Aid, specifically the children currently in the refuge.

Phoenix Women’s aid help, support, and provide advice for Women, Men and Child victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse-you can find out more by visiting their website.

Mila completed jobs around the house and garden and raised £100.

Yesterday she went and bought all the things she thought might make things a little bit easier for the children including games, outside toys and baking ingredients. 

We are all very proud of Mila for doing this and for raising awareness of such a brilliant, sadly needed cause. Well done Mila!