It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

On Monday the bells were ringing out to say it’s Christmas time because over the weekend Mr Ramsay, the site manager decked the halls, lit the lights and rocked around the Christmas tree to transform school outside of school into a twinkling, glittery, tinsel-filled celebration of Christmas.

Then, over the course of the week, the teachers and the children have been working hard to make the inside of the school look just as festive making decorations, putting finishing touchers to Christmas craft and decorating trees and putting up decorations in every room.

Mrs. Land has gone the extra mile. Not happy with the choice of trees on offer, she (and the children in her class) have been making their own version of the Christmas tree using plenty of wood (which they have turned into pom-pom baubles), some festive lights and twigs and sticks gathered from Forest School to produce the Christmas Tree which you can see on the blog…

Christmas dinner and Christmas Parties

Children will be served their Christmas dinner on Tuesday 15th December and the children’s Christmas Bubble Parties will take place in the afternoon, during school time, on:

FrogsMonday 14th December
BadgersTuesday 15th December
SquirrelsWednesday 16th December
BeesThursday 17th December
OwlsFriday 18th December
Please ensure your child brings party clothes into school on the relevant day.