Celebrating reading at Wadworth

All classes took part in dressing as a book character day at Wadworth, yesterday and as usual the effort the children and their families made to celebrate the day was amazing. We had witches, wizards, superheroes, sports starts, monsters, magical nannies, carton characters, princesses, stickmen, tigers, giants, and almost everything else in between. The children had a wonderful day doing activities based around their favourite books including writing riddles to identify book characters, designing and making cakes based on scenes from favourite books, art based on stories and listening to and watching different versions of well loved tales.


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Parents’ Evening Appointments

I have uploaded the instructions to help you join your Parents’ Evening appointments.

Please make sure you can find the appointment before next Tuesday or Wednesday. On Google Chrome, visit google.co.uk then click the apps link (the nine dots in a square next to your profile picture on the top right hand corner of the screen) and select Calendar. Sometimes moving between apps makes the computer flip back to a different sign in account, so if your appointment isn’t there, please check the icon is what is should be (usually the first initial of your child in a coloured circle). You might need to sign in again.

Navigate to Tuesday 23rd March or Wednesday 24th March to find your appointments. You can join the meeting by clicking on these at the allocated times, then selecting ‘Join the Meeting’

Step by step instructions

Frogs Pirate Day

Well done to Mrs Bradley and the children in Frogs class for all the efforts they went to on Friday to celebrate their learning during the Pirate topic with a fantastic fancy dress party, where they came as terrible pirates. A wonderful time was had by all as they played games and carried out a treasure hunt. Thank you to the children and parents for the positive feedback.

Talking Pants: resources for children up to the age of 7

You’ve probably already talked to your child about things like crossing the road safely. Talking to them about staying safe from sexual abuse is just as easy with the NSPCC PANTS website and activity pack.

With fun tasks, word searches, games and stickers, you can help them learn without using any scary words. You can find out more and download the pack for a suggested £5 donation from:

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Meet the Teacher

Thank you to all the parents who attended Mrs. Bradley’s meet the teacher session last week; we hope you found the session helpful. For those who didn’t make it, the PowerPoint shared will be uploaded onto the school website shortly.
Please keep an eye out on your child’s google classroom page for details of when the teachers will be running their event over the next few weeks. If you haven’t done so already, please join your child’s google classroom page to keep up to date with what is going on in the class.