Google Classroom

Now that the vast majority of children have returned to school (currently 97% of children are back in school), we will continue to use Google classroom for setting homework activities and uploading activities for individuals should they have to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

We will move back to broadcasting live lessons again in the event of a bubble closure or another national lockdown. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the remote learning provision that we put in place from January and thank you for all your support in ensuring the children made the most of the sessions the teachers organized.

Well Done Wadworth Parents, Children and Staff

You are surviving a pandemic! Whatever your personal circumstances, we think you are doing an amazing job! If your child has not finished their school work…. that’s okay. We know our children are safe, loved and cared for and that is the most important thing at the moment. We have set work for your child and have arranged live learning sessions via Google Meet, but all we ask is that you do your best. If that is attending one live session a day or a quick 30 minutes of reading, number bonds or timetables here and there, that is okay.

If you want to do all the work set, that is okay too. Please do not let school work put extra pressure on you and your family’s relationships, mental health and wellbeing. Remember we are trying to survive a pandemic. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we do appreciate that.

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Digital technology and home schooling

Digital technology has been amazing over the last year in allowing our children to continue with their education whilst they’ve all been asked to stay at home, but I know of at least 6 families of children attending Wadworth still struggling with a lack of technology despite out best efforts to source them. To date, we have been allocated 16 laptops and 8 broadband hubs from the government scheme and have had 3 more donated. However there is a new scheme that we have been made aware of.

I have already registered with the Business2schools website and have now contacted ‘Laptops for Kids’ – a charitable organisation that takes in donations, restores and distributes the used digital devices, allowing children from all backgrounds access to the digital technology and remote learning. Fingers crossed this bridges the gap, however, if there are any parents who are either able to donate a laptop to school, or work for a company that could donate a laptop, then please get in touch by emailing me at

School closure in bad weather

How will I know if the school is closed? We will text you as soon as practicable. Please make sure that your up to date mobile number is on parentpay. It will be on the local authority school closure website: www.doncaster/  and the school website:

We will also contact Greatest Hits Radio (used to be TRAXFM) to let them know so it will also be on the radio, 107.1 and 107.9. You can visit this website by clicking here.

Remote Learning Plan

Please find below details of Wadworth Primary School Three Tiered Remote Learning Plan should your child need to self-isolate. Government have provided additional funding for schools to access a more sophisticated version of the online learning platform, which we have signed up for. It will still be on Google classroom, and it will look and work exactly the same way as it does now, but teachers will be able to record online teaching sessions in the event of a national shutdown or a bubble shutdown. Over the next two weeks, you will receive another email asking you to join your child’s Google classroom, please accept the link to access the updated platform as the current platform will go offline shortly after the new platform comes online.

Tier 1: 48 hour individual isolation
Whilst awaiting test results you will find emergency planning work on our Google classroom page. Please find the class your child is in and then once you’ve located the materials please select the correct year group for your child: do about 1 hour of maths (Sumdog and/or White Rose Maths are best), about one hour of an English activity(Oak Academy resources are best for writing, spelling or grammar activities), do 15-20 minutes of reading/phonics each day and then you can select to explore the other activities (BBC and Oak Academy have lots of brilliant ideas across every area of the primary curriculum) to see if there is anything else that you want to have a go at. All we ask is that take a screen shot or photograph of any of the activities that you complete and upload these to Google Classroom for the teacher to see.

Tier 2: 14 day individual isolation at home
Teachers will upload activities that the class are doing onto Google classroom as soon as possible after a positive test is confirmed then update on a weekly basis. A member of staff will telephone weekly to maintain contact between school and home and to provide feedback on learning to adults. Your child’s class teacher will also be available for you to contact via Goggle classroom for support or additional work.

Tier 3: 14 day class bubble closure
Your child’s class teacher will set work via Google classroom. All classes will be set daily tasks and teachers will provide feedback throughout the day to the children. A member of staff will telephone weekly to maintain contact between school and home and to provide feedback on learning to adults. Your child’s class teacher will also be available for you to contact for support or additional work through the Google classroom.
If you do not have access to the internet, or have any queries please contact your child’s class teacher via Google classroom or phone the school Office on 01302 851451, so we can find a way to support you and your child with a manageable remote learning plan for your circumstances.

Doncaster Great summer Staycation

We might be stuck at home this summer, but there are plenty of reasons to stick around! Doncaster Summer Staycation is a huge timetable of FREE virtual and face-to-face activities available throughout the six-week summer break!

The Summer Staycation includes a mixture of arts and crafts, sports and physical activity, employability sessions for older children, reading challenges and much more. You can also access lots of resources, activities and ideas for staying home, such as the Doncaster ‘101 things to do indoors’ guide.

Many of the activities are virtual due to the restrictions of social distancing and safety, and will be hosted online but there are also a limited number of face-to-face activities available.

There’s a mixed bag of activities on our Doncaster Summer Staycation timetable, some are on set days and weeks throughout the six-week break which families will have to book onto in advance, whilst others are offered throughout the summer for families and young people to drop into in their own time without booking.

Both virtual and face-to-face activities are delivered by a range of exciting Doncaster organisations which include CAST Theatre, Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust (DCLT), National Literacy Trust, EXPECT Youth, Active Fusion, Doncaster Community Arts (DARTs) and many more!

This is me

The second video compilation from Wadworth showing what children have been getting up to at school and at home since more children have been eligible to return to school. At the moment we have 61 children filling 59 places so we have reached capacity!

Thank you to all the children for their contributions. Hope you enjoy