Squirrels Complete Biome in a Box Challenge

As part of their ‘What a Wonderful World’ topic, Squirrels class learned about rainforests and Mr Robson challenged the children to create the features of a rainforest by making a model jungle in a shoe box using different tools, media and techniques, combining┬ánatural and synthetic materials. Below are a few examples completed by the children.

Google Classroom

Now that the vast majority of children have returned to school (currently 97% of children are back in school), we will continue to use Google classroom for setting homework activities and uploading activities for individuals should they have to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

We will move back to broadcasting live lessons again in the event of a bubble closure or another national lockdown. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the remote learning provision that we put in place from January and thank you for all your support in ensuring the children made the most of the sessions the teachers organized.