Out of School Achievement

Sofia moved up a level in swimming and Ellis was man of the match after his football team won 10-3. Aria received a certificate for a 180o kick in taekwondo and Lilly won a puzzle competition on holiday.

Out of school achievement

Daisy earned an award for attending stage school for 5 years;

Lukus achieved a green belt at kickboxing;

Evelyn won a gold medal for zoom dancing.

Doncaster Sumdog Competition Results

Over the last week, children at Wadworth have been taking part in a Doncaster wide Sumdog competition. The aim of the competition was to try to answer 1000 questions in 7 days.

For each correct answer, the children earned 1 point. There are certificates and prizes awarded for children and classes with the highest average scores by the end of the week. Well, I am delighted to announce Badgers class won the overall competition, Owls came second and Hedgehogs came 3rd.

PositionNameClass nameScore
1stLeo MBadgers883
2ndMatilda GBadgers729
3rdWilliam SHedgehogs605
4thEmilia SSquirrels589
5thOlivia SSquirrels432
6thJayden JBadgers317
7thHarriet MBees277
8thSophie MOwls237
9thOscar LOwls220
10thRae TOwls213
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Out of school achievement

Well done to:

Oliver H earned his Level 12 swimming certificate and Emilia earned a swimming certificate.

Ella entered a competition over half term on the Facebook page for the local children’s centre. “Spooky Pumpkin Picture” and we found out today she has won the competition, claiming the top prize of a wonderful creative hamper, please see the photo.

Erin has recieved an out of school proficiency level 7 badge in gymnastics over the weekend, although she’s achieved this in January we have only just received the certificate and badge due to the current Covid situation.

Out of school achievers

Well done to:

Nyler who has continued with her dancing and continued to earn Star of the Week certificates.

Freya C has been out and about clocking up hundreds of miles on her bike and Lennon has made an excellent start to the football season.

Oliver H has achieved stage 13 in the swimming pool and Daisy has been busy performing in Fame, the Musical.

Celebration Assembly

We are planning to continue with celebration assemblies in school on Fridays. This will involve linking the classrooms together via video link and celebrating from the classroom. If your child has been awarded a medal, trophy, badge, belt or certificate for an out of school achievement we would like to know about it.

Sadly, we need to request that the items aren’t physically brought into school but if you upload a picture to Google Classroom, this will be shared and celebrated with the wider school community.