Free course available for families

Doncaster Council has shared with us the following information regarding a course which parents/carers/ grandparents and extended family members may find useful.

We want to make sure you are aware of this fantastic, locally sponsored, offer: Maybe you have heard about the brilliant online courses for parents, FREE (with access code: STGEORGE at: for residents in our area? The Solihull Approach (NHS) have launched a NEW online course!

How do I access?

What’s the code?

If you haven’t used it already here is the access code for all the online courses (funded for residents of Doncaster): STGEORGE

If, like many parents, you have already used this code, log into your account here and this course will be ready in your dashboard to start whenever you are ready.

Can I tell my family and friends?

Absolutely! Share the news with other families in the area so that they too can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

How long is it?

There are 7 modules which each take about 5 minutes to complete and will benefit from time to digest in between.

If you like this… …you might like the bigger ‘Understanding your child’ or ‘Understanding your child with additional needs’, or other courses in the series.

Classes for next year

We have been looking at pupil numbers and classroom organisation for next year and as it stands at the moment we think next year we will have:

  • Reception class – 19 children
  • Year 1 class 23 children
  • Year 2 class 23 children
  • Year 3/4 class 31/32 children
  • Year 4/5 class- 31/32 children
  • Year 6 class 28 children

This might change if we continue to pick up children in year groups through school between now and September.

We will be organising meetings between teaching staff to pass over information about the children and organising transition between 5-7th July, where the children get to meet their new teachers before the end of term. If you are a parent of a child in currently in Year 3 and would like to share an opinion/preference on the split, please email me at

Parents’ Evening Appointments

I have uploaded the instructions to help you join your Parents’ Evening appointments.

Please make sure you can find the appointment before next Tuesday or Wednesday. On Google Chrome, visit then click the apps link (the nine dots in a square next to your profile picture on the top right hand corner of the screen) and select Calendar. Sometimes moving between apps makes the computer flip back to a different sign in account, so if your appointment isn’t there, please check the icon is what is should be (usually the first initial of your child in a coloured circle). You might need to sign in again.

Navigate to Tuesday 23rd March or Wednesday 24th March to find your appointments. You can join the meeting by clicking on these at the allocated times, then selecting ‘Join the Meeting’

Step by step instructions

Track and Trace over Easter

Wadworth will close on 26th March until 12 April for Easter. Free school meal vouchers will continue (families will receive a voucher for £25 this week). The Council are also organizing several activities, similar to the summer program, for children to take part in, but at the time of writing, I don’t have any information about them.

Contact Tracing Over Easter:

Again, the Department for Education and Public Health England advise that:

  • where a pupil or staff member develops symptoms within the first 48 hours after the end of half term, and tests positive, school should be contacted and informed.
  • where a pupil or staff member develops symptoms after the first 48 hours and tests positive, they should use the ‘normal’ national test and trace system.
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What Parents Need to Know About Omegle

Over the weekend, a primary school in Doncaster alerted the Police to risks posed by “Omegle” so the Local Authority have asked schools to issue guidance for parents if they find their children accessing this chatroom.

Omegle is a website that pairs random strangers for live text or video chats. It first launched in 2009 and its slogan is “Talk to strangers!”

There is an option for adult (18+) content and a section for people aged 13+ with parental permission. Anyone can use the site. Users simply go to and then choose ‘Text’ or ‘Video’ chat and the page states how many users are currently online.

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Reminder for parking and road safety

A local resident emailed school this morning following an incident they witnessed involving 2 adults in a people carrier who had parked across the drive of an elderly resident of Meadow Rise. It has been reported to me that there was an angry confrontation because the resident asked the adults to move their car.

To ensure it is safe for all members of school community, please think of others when parking; do not block others in or park in front of the school gates, or across residents’ drives. Please do not park in the school car park between 8:40-9:10am and 3:20-3:45pm as these are very busy times and there have been a few near misses between drivers and pedestrians.

There is little that I can do about such incidents, but I would like to make sure that we are modelling respectful, considerate behavior to the children in our care. If you see an example of dangerous driving, or obstructive parking outside the school gate, please report it to the police by ringing 101. If you see parking on yellow lines or keep clear areas, contact the Safer Roads Dept. on 735124

Remember parents can always park in the pub car park at the beginning and end of the day and walk to avoid congestion at these busy times.

Allocated time slots and Breakfast Club

Just a quick reminder of start and end times for each class bubble.

Breakfast clubFrom 8am

Please stick to these times as closely as possible as they have been designed to ensure social distancing and with a safe level of staffing in mind.

We have noticed since 8th March, more and more children are beginning to arrive in the class significantly earlier than their allocated slot.

If you arrive at school well before your allocated start time, please wait in your car until the times shown in the chart.

If you send your child into school between 8:00 and 8:40, we will assume they are attending breakfast club and you will be charged accordingly.

We are providing a paid child minding service for critical worker families and it is not fair to these families who have arranged payment if we provide child minding free of charge to other families.

CAMHS coffee morning

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) have a dedicated team to supporting schools around mental health and wellbeing and as a school we have arranged a “virtual Coffee Morning” over Zoom.

This is a session where Paige, our CAMHS Practitioners and Mrs Vernon (school SENCo) will be online to answer any worries or questions you might have.  This is a session open to everyone so it won’t be a confidential space and is not a referral to CAMHS, but we will listen to what is going on for you all and offer any advice and support we can, or you can just have a chat if that’s what you need.  (You need to provide your own tea and cake though!)

If you would like to access this, the session will take place on Tuesday 23rd March at 10am – 11am.

It is a drop-in session so you do not need to be there at 10, you can log in any time and you can keep cameras off if you prefer.  

The link will be available nearer to the time.  However, if you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact

Welcome back…

A warm welcome back to the families who have been working from home and hello to the new families and children who officially started in January but who have been working from home during lockdown. It was lovely welcoming all the children into school this morning there was clearly a mixture of excitement and anxiety, however I am sure everyone will settle back into the new routine and the new way of working and by Friday morning, it will be like we have never been away. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and children for observing the social distancing rules before school this morning and hope we can all remember to keep this up until measures are reviewed and changed by government.

I said it last week, but it is worth repeating: Thank you so much for your positivity and support during this second lockdown, it has been a challenge for us all but we have got through it by working together. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the return, please do not hesitate to contact either me, or your child’s class teacher. Every family will feel differently about returning to school, but I promise we will work with you to overcome any anxieties or concerns that may exist.