Google Classroom

Now that the vast majority of children have returned to school (currently 97% of children are back in school), we will continue to use Google classroom for setting homework activities and uploading activities for individuals should they have to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

We will move back to broadcasting live lessons again in the event of a bubble closure or another national lockdown. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the remote learning provision that we put in place from January and thank you for all your support in ensuring the children made the most of the sessions the teachers organized.

Year 6 to Year 7 transition

Year 6 children found out which secondary school they will be going to in September last week.

Normally, children would take part in a number of ‘transition’ activities that their school would co-ordinate to make the jump from one year group to another a little easier, such as taster days with their new teacher/class, work books to sample their new lessons and so on.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, unfortunately these normal activities are unlikely to ahead in their normal format, however all primary and secondary schools along with the council have worked together to consider how best to support families during these uncertain times. A virtual transition offer has been created, as well as the ‘Flying Start’ transitions workbook which will support transition to all mainstream secondary settings in the coming months.

Every child going to a mainstream secondary school will receive a hard copy of the transition workbook delivered to their home with information on how they can access their allocated secondary school google classroom for transition. If they are in school, then Miss Krasauskas will be able to support them to complete the booklet and access their classroom. There is a parent’s guide in case they are unable to attend any of the sessions.

Well Done Wadworth Parents, Children and Staff

You are surviving a pandemic! Whatever your personal circumstances, we think you are doing an amazing job! If your child has not finished their school work…. that’s okay. We know our children are safe, loved and cared for and that is the most important thing at the moment. We have set work for your child and have arranged live learning sessions via Google Meet, but all we ask is that you do your best. If that is attending one live session a day or a quick 30 minutes of reading, number bonds or timetables here and there, that is okay.

If you want to do all the work set, that is okay too. Please do not let school work put extra pressure on you and your family’s relationships, mental health and wellbeing. Remember we are trying to survive a pandemic. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we do appreciate that.

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Digital technology and home schooling

Digital technology has been amazing over the last year in allowing our children to continue with their education whilst they’ve all been asked to stay at home, but I know of at least 6 families of children attending Wadworth still struggling with a lack of technology despite out best efforts to source them. To date, we have been allocated 16 laptops and 8 broadband hubs from the government scheme and have had 3 more donated. However there is a new scheme that we have been made aware of.

I have already registered with the Business2schools website and have now contacted ‘Laptops for Kids’ – a charitable organisation that takes in donations, restores and distributes the used digital devices, allowing children from all backgrounds access to the digital technology and remote learning. Fingers crossed this bridges the gap, however, if there are any parents who are either able to donate a laptop to school, or work for a company that could donate a laptop, then please get in touch by emailing me at

Remote Learning Questionnaire Outcomes

Firstly, I would like to thank all teaching staff and support staff for all their hard work in organizing what I believe to be a very high quality provision for children working at home during this period of school closures. They are determined to make sure that children receive all the support they need to work at home independently and have continued to tweak and improve the way they, and the children, interact with the classroom to share what they are doing and provide the feedback the children need to make progress.

I would like to thank the parents who took the time to complete the questionnaire and provide us with very useful feedback recognizing the positives but also highlighting some of the challenges that home learning is presenting.  As a parent myself, with two children preparing to sit A levels and GCSEs this year, I appreciate the anxieties that parents are feeling about this uncertain time in education and, where possible I have tried to address the concerns raised and answer some of the questions asked. I hope you find the information, weblinks and resources I have included useful and that we can all continue to work constructively together to achieve the best outcomes for all children.

Remote Learning Questionnaire

Thank you to the 41 parents/carers who completed the Remote Learning questionnaire last week, covering 59 children. There were lots of positive comments about the hard work the teachers and support staff are putting into providing a high quality provision for the children working from home. I will analyse the results and publish the outcomes on the school website later this week and I will send a copy to your email.

Doncaster Library On-Line

Doncaster Libraries have an ever-growing free Digital Library and they are constantly buying new eBooks and eAudio for their library customers to download, including many new popular titles.

They have 2 platforms for you to use, each with a different selection or titles to choose from. All you need to do is download the BorrowBox app and Overdrive appto get full access to all the titles we own. They also have a free music download service called Freegal, again you download the app and have instant access to millions of songs.

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