Squirrels Complete Biome in a Box Challenge

As part of their ‘What a Wonderful World’ topic, Squirrels class learned about rainforests and Mr Robson challenged the children to create the features of a rainforest by making a model jungle in a shoe box using different tools, media and techniques, combining┬ánatural and synthetic materials. Below are a few examples completed by the children.

CSI Wadworth

On Tuesday 15th June children in Owls, Bees and Squirrels will be honing their detective skills as they learn how csi scientists investigate a crime. The children will be collecting and analyzing the clues, taking finger prints, calculating the time of the crime, identifying handwriting left behind at the scene and eliminating suspects to find out who committed the crime. Thank you to Miss Krasauskas, who has planned and organized this fantastic science activity for the children across KS2.