Author Online Visit

Ade Adepitan

Look who read Badger Class a story this week. Yes, it is the Paralympic medalist and climate champion Ade Adepitan. He read his new book, ‘The Secret Garden Under the Sea.’

The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story and having the opportunity to meet with an author. They enjoyed the story so much, that we have purchased some of the other stories by this author for children to borrow from our school library.

Author visit - Stuart Rowson, "Izzy and the Tumble Thunder"
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Owls Class (Years 5/6)

What did you think about the author visit today?

It was good to know about different authors and how they write stories. - Ellis

I liked how he told us that he wrote the story with his daughter as the character. - Emilia

It was really interesting listening to him and finding out things like how long it took to write the book. - Bruno

It inspired me to write. Autumn

Would you like to read the book? 

All said yes and said it was because of him as a speaker and also hearing the extract from the book. 

What did you learn from the visit?

To never give up. - Emilia

How long it takes to write a book.  - Ellis

That you need to plan what you are writing. - Autumn

Badgers Class (Y2) 

All of the children enjoyed the visit thought he was very funny and could write brilliant stories.

I enjoyed the story it was interesting when he read the story because he started with chapter 10 not at the beginning of the book so it got me interested. - Nancy

I liked when in his book he described the character rolling down the hill. - Isla

I liked the assembly we found out about his life. - Jenson

We got to find out how he plans and writes his stories. – Betsy-Mae

We got to play the what if game and wrote our own story. - George