Playground Leaders

Playground Leaders Plan

Zone Children Activity type

1 Evelyn and Mischa Mini-relays, obstacle courses etc

2 Oliver H and Ciaran Trim trail, stop watch circuits, tag games, duck duck goose, hide and seek etc

3 William P Ball games – basketball, tennis etc.

4 Abigail and Olivia I On the grass, between the hills – den building/construction etc.

5 Noah P and Nancy Playground games – using the floor markings, parachute, hopscotch, skipping ropes etc.


Playground leader expectations:

· Games will be set up each dinner time by the leaders

· Playground leaders will set the expectation and referee the games

· Playground leaders will support the other children to tidy up the equipment at the end of the session and it is their responsibility to store them away neatly

· Playground leaders will set the example of behaviour

· Playground leaders will report any safety concerns to the adult in the zone