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Welcome to Wadworth Primary School

Our aim at Wadworth is to encourage in our children the enjoyment of learning by providing activities both in and outside the classroom which help to develop confident, happy and successful individuals.

We feel that all children have talents which can be developed and that all can succeed no matter what the level of their ability. Providing equality of opportunity irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability for all our children, is an important aspect of our personal and social education policy which permeates all aspects of life in school.

The school pledges to raise standards through a balanced, broad, challenging and stimulating curriculum. An inclusive school where all are valued and respected.

The school underwent a full Ofsted inspection on 31st January and 1st February 2018. Following this, Ofsted has judged that Wadworth Primary is good in its overall effectiveness. Obviously, we are all delighted by the overall judgement that the school is now good.

I would like to thank staff, governors and children who have worked incredibly hard since the previous inspection.

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Our school values are respect for others, self discipline, friendship, responsibility for own actions, polite and considerate, be true to yourself

Our Vision is that all stakeholders in school work actively in partnership to enable all pupils to realise thier full potential.

At Wadworth Primary, the curriculum is designed to:
· recognise and build on children’s prior learning progress
· nurture talents and celebrate achievements
· provide memorable, first hand learning experiences
· encourage creativity, motivate children, and support them to become independent learners.
· Allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers and reflective learners

Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and believe that childhood should be a happy, investigative and enquiring time in our lives where there are no limits to curiosity and there is a thirst for new experiences and knowledge. We use the Wadworth Learning Powers to promote positive attitudes to learning which reflect the values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success.

The beginning of term will see us focusing on stories, activities and events which support children develop their Resilience. At my assembly on the first Tuesday back, we heard the incredible true story of Apollo 13 and thought about the strategies the astronauts, and the people helping them on the ground in Houston must have tried to use to solve the difficult problem of returning to Earth after disaster struck and the oxygen tank space ship exploded.

We came up with this toolbox of strategies:
Stay Calm, Take a break, Ask for help, Keep trying, Work hard, Think positively, Learn from your mistakes, See the funny side, Look at the problem a different way, Be kind to yourself

Wadworth Learning Powers

Wadworth Primary News

Welcome back to the new term; I hope that all families had a great break over the holidays and everyone is fit and healthy for the new term. The children have settled back into the routine of school very quickly and are clearly looking forward to getting stuck into the topics that have been planned, which range from Funfairs to Victorians across KS2 to Australian tribes and the Rio Carnival in Reception and Key stage 1.

Thank you once again for all your support last year, particularly in helping the PTA make significant steps towards achieving their target of £2000 for resources and equipment. We are keen to continue to develop the community feel of the school in 2020, and are continuing to organize opportunities for you share in your child’s learning. If you are able to help in school in any way, please pop in and see your child’s class teacher- you are always very welcome. Also, look out for text messages informing you of dates when you are able to come into school and help with various topics.

Young Voices: What a fabulous start to the term our Key Stage 2 choir and staff had at the Young Voices concert, which took place at the Arena in Sheffield on Thursday evening. On the stage this year were Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), The Shires (British country duo) and Ruti (The Voice winner 2018). Those parents who joined us will agree that the event was remarkable and our pupils did us proud by performing and behaving fantastically! Well done KS2 choir – we are very proud of you. Thanks also to all the staff involved in making the event such a success, including Mrs Rew and her daughter, Mrs Guest and Mrs Vaughan.

Our School classes

Fantastic Frogs

Welcome to the ‘Fantastic Frogs’ Class

Welcome to our new class – ‘The Fantastic Frogs’ who love to leap and bound into new learning experiences!

In the ‘Fantastic Frogs’ we always try to make our learning engaging and as interactive as possible – we like nothing more than to get stuck in and have-a-go! That’s because we think finding out new things is fun. We love to learn with our friends and also enjoy learning how to become more and more independent.

In the ‘Fantastic Frogs’ we say: 'I Can! You Can! We Can!

We believe in ourselves: I can do it; we support each other: You can do it and together we know: We can achieve great things!

Heroic Hedgehogs

Welcome to the ‘Heroic Hedgehogs’ Class

In Heroic Hedgehogs we always try our best, and use our mistakes to improve our learning. We try to make our learning as fun and engaging as possible. We love to learn, and find out about new things.

The adults who work in Hedgehogs are Miss Worthington and Mrs White. Mrs Taylor also works with us on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our topics this year are Superheroes, The Enchanted Woodland and Dinosaurs

Reading: Children's reading books will be changed on a Friday, please return books on a Friday morning. If they are returned on a Friday your child will receive a dojo point. Please encourage your child to read at home as often as possible! Your child should practice reading every day at home for approximately 15 minutes. Your child has been given a reading diary for them to record their reads in.

Spellings: Spellings will be assigned on a Friday. Please practice these with your child at home either in a morning or in an evening.

Brainy Badgers

Welcome to Brainy Badger Class

In Brainy Badgers we always try to have a go and then we learn from our mistakes to become successful learners.

Adults who work in our class Mrs Land, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Guest, Mrs Fleetwood and Miss Spencer. All children need to bring their reading books and diaries into school every day. Homework goes out on Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday.

This year our topics will be Muck Mess, Bounce, Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

In Brainy Badger class we embrace Wriggle and crawl land ahoy

Smart Squirrels

Welcome to the ‘Smart Squirrels’ Class

Welcome to our new class covering year 3 and 4.
Smart Squirrels are on a mission to be the smartest in the school.
Over the next two years we have some amazingly exciting topics to look forward to:

• Gods and Mortals
• Scrumdiddlyumptious
• Flow
• Traders and Raiders
• Playlist

• Burps, Bottoms and Bile
• Tribal Tales
• Misty Mountain Sierra
• Warrior!
• Heroes and Villains

In Smart Squirrels, we like to build on all the learning we have completed in Key Stage 1 to enable us to reach new heights – as you know, we squirrels like to reach up high into the trees. We try to make our learning fun and engaging for all. We’re not afraid to take leaps into the unknown because we never know where that next nugget of learning will be found.

Busy Bees

In Year 4/5 we work hard, challenge ourselves and learn from each other. We have an exciting year ahead with topics involving Mining, Tudors, Potions, Oceans and Allotments.

The adults working with us this year are Mrs Vernon, Mrs Guest and Miss Spencer

Homework: Homework will be given out every Thursday. It should be returned the following Tuesday. Every week, there will be spelling activities to complete and times tables in which your child will be tested on.

Reading: Children need to bring reading books into school every day. Please encourage your child to read at home as often as possible! Your child should practice reading every day at home for approximately 15 minutes. Your child has been given a reading diary for them to record their reads in. If they have read to a grown up and they sign it 3 times a week they will earn a dojo point.

Fridays: On Fridays Mr Charlton will be teaching the Busy Bee class. He will cover Big Friday Write, formal written methods in maths, R.E and SEAL.

Remember ‘Work harder bee smarter!’

Wise Owls

Striving to achieve the most we can. Throughout the year, we provide an exciting curriculum involving topics with a musical, historical, scientific and geographical foci which enables pupils to develop key reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as promoting a love of learning and developing key learning skills including problem solving, self-awareness and social skills, managing feelings, empathy, reasoning and creative thinking.

Topic Overview:
Alchemy Island
Hola Mexico!
Scream Machine
On The Beach

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